Discretion and first class contacts

Discretion, integrity and reliability underpin our work at all times. In order to perform our role as horse agents and to fulfil the requirements demanded in this exclusive sector in the best way possible, we cultivate excellent relationships with top professionals, breeders and veterinarians. We would be happy to arrange a professional consultation at a convenient time with our highly qualified and experienced experts. We will be on hand to support you after you have made your purchase with any challenges such as training and transport.

Our horses

In a small industry such as ours, where horses are trained to provide personal support and care for a small team, it is even more understandable why sales remain difficult for us. A deep foundation of trust is formed with every single horse as a result of the connection that is built up, and this shows in the nature and motivational qualities of each animal. Our passion for our work is reflected in every single one of our horses.

Our stable features a fine portfolio of highly exclusive horses and the opportunity to discover a rare gem in its early years. We can provide the perfect partner for amateur sports as well as future top-level, international sports in the areas of dressage, show jumping and eventing. All horses are selected by us and enjoy a family connection.

Our horses for sale

Here you will find our selection of horses from owners and breeders who we know personally. This enables us to form our own opinions of the horse at our stables. We have personally inspected these horses and have had the opportunity to try them out ourselves at the appropriate age.